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Top 5 Experiences in Mission Beach

  1. Explore the iconic wonderland of the Great Barrier Reef
    Snorkel or Scuba Dive and experience the breathtaking beauty of the world’s largest coral reef system in its’ most natural state. We suggest Mission Beach Dive
  2. Cast yourself away on Dunk Island for a day
    Pack a picnic and spend a day discovering the natural beauty of Dunk Island – just a 10 minute ride across sparkling waters. You can do this with Mission Beach Dunk Island Water Taxi
  3. Discover the Wet Tropics Rainforest
    “Lose” yourself in the tranquillity of the World Heritage listed Wet Tropics Rainforest that surrounds Mission Beach and if you’re lucky, catch a glimpse of a magnificent endangered Cassowary.
  4. Challenge yourself to get extreme
    Raise your heart rate with an unforgettable experience.. skydiving or white water rafting are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. CLICK HERE to book now.
  5. Relax… Indulge… Rejuvenate…
    Take the time to read a book by the pool, indulge in a treatment at the nearby village green and enjoy the fresh sea breeze.

The Mission Beach Area

Mission Beach

Mission Beach is a natural mid-way point between Townsville and Cairns. The township is made up of four beach villages, South Mission Beach, Wongaling, North Mission Beach and Bingil Bay, all linked by 14 kilometres of wide golden beach. It is a perfect base to relax and explore this unspoilt natural environment. Mission Beach reminds you of how beautiful little beachside towns can be, blending vibrant art and culture with unique tourism attractions.

Closest land based access point to the Great Barrier Reef

Did you know that Mission Beach is one of the closest land based access points to the Great Barrier Reef?  Stunning underwater coral gardens and brilliantly hued tropical fish and marine life are just an easy boat cruise away.  Some say that the reefs offshore at Mission Beach are as beautiful and colourful as the Whitsundays.

There is a gorgeous coral reef you can snorkel over yourself just 5km from the resort.  Huge coral reef formation, giant Conch shells, sea slugs, colourful reef fish and all within 5km of Castaways Resort & Spa, Mission Beach AND only 50m from the shore … park your car, walk across the road and down a little coral encrusted beach, put your flippers, mask and snorkel on and in 2 minutes you’ll be swimming over breathtakingly beautiful coral reef and underwater gardens … surrounded by colourful reef fish. Where is this secret location? You’ll have to ask us to find out!

Wet Tropics Heritage Listed Rainforest

Whilst all habitat types on planet Earth are special, rainforest is the one that perhaps captures our hearts and imagination the most. It is the most luxuriant in terms of plant and animal life and also the oldest in geological terms, many species having survived in an almost unchanged state for an amazing 85 million years.

Rainforest comes in many different forms from cool temperate to wet tropical such as may be found here in Mission Beach. Tropical rainforest is characterized by amazing floral diversity as well as an abundant bird, mammal, reptile and insect life. Soft fruits grow in great numbers and this is what the elusive, pre-historic looking and amazing bird the Cassowary loves to feed on. Keep a look out for this amazing flightless bird that is also listed as an endangered species.

Today rainforest covers a mere 2% of the continent’s total landmass as excessive clearing by early settlers caused fragmentation which reduced many species in numbers. Increased awareness has halted this trend and today our rainforests are in much better conditions. Please think to take care of very precious and magnificent natural resource when you are here to explore.

Quick Facts

Mission Beach is one of the closest land based access points to the Great Barrier Reef.

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Things to do in Mission Beach - Top activities Mission Beach
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